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Building the SDOH Solutions Community with Patchwise Labs

July 20, 2019

We’re excited to be part of the inaugural Patchwise Labs community.

Over the past several years, we’ve been heads down, working to more fully understand the science of peer-to-peer mentoring by leading real-world implementations across multiple diseases.

Working with patient foundations, research organizations, pharma, health plans, and health systems we’ve proven positive clinical outcomes by addressing barriers related to behavior change + the SDoH.

As part of the Patchwise Labs community, we at InquisitHealth are illuminating not only our own successes and challenges in this evolving market; but we’re helping to raise the tide of other organizations challenging the status quo by building new collaborations, networks, and systems.

A New Treatment Category: Social Therapeutics.

At InquisitHealth, we’re going one step further by introducing a new solution category to address barriers related to SDoH + behavior change, together.

As a social therapeutics company: We are engineering social support to drive improvements in clinical outcomes.

“Our playbook is always the same.

In each population we work with, there are patients who are struggling.

In those same populations, there are many more patients who are thriving.

And we partner with those successful patients to help those struggling.”

— Ashwin Patel, MD PhD, CEO+Co-Founder, InquisitHealth

Together with Patchwise Labs, and other partnering organizations, we are helping shed light on innovative approaches to address the social determinants of health in communities across the country.

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