Our Peer Mentors

Peer mentors live successfully with chronic conditions.
Through technology, these trained peer mentors help others
like them who are struggling. They are trusted advisers and
coaches who are empathetically guiding patients towards
better health.

Become a Peer Mentor

Linda M.
"After losing my mom to complications of diabetes and gaining control of my diabetes, I felt motivated to help others because I could relate to them. It's very rewarding to see mentees 'connect the dots' and figure out exactly how they can improve their diabetes control within the guidelines of their care team."
Linda M.
Mentor Adviser
Shelly G.
"I started off in the program as a mentee. When I graduated, I joined as a mentor because, as a mentee myself, I found my mentor to be very helpful in understanding and working with my own diabetes. I felt that in a similar way I could help others."
Shelly G.
Peer Mentor
Doreen B.
"My heart hurts for the many friends I have lost to this disease. I’ve seen a lot of complications due to lack of knowledge or just not caring throughout my years. I remember not having anyone to talk to and I was ashamed to tell anyone I had diabetes which made me even worse. Once I found good help, I turned my life around. I care very deeply about each of my mentees and I want them to know that they are not alone and that they are important."
Doreen B.
Mentor Adviser
Jimmy S.
"I know what it's like to have a high A1c and struggle to bring it down. Throughout my Diabetes history, I had problems managing my A1c but my most recent A1c reading was 5.9, so I get it. I let me mentees know that I've been there. We work together to set goals to help them achieve their A1c goals as well."
Jimmy S.
Peer Mentor
Mary Ellen W.
"I joined the peer mentor program because I wanted to share what I learned "the hard way." What seems like a monumental task can actually become easy, especially with a partner who cares and can help you to make the changes that you want to make."
Mary Ellen W.
Mentor Adviser
Kim A.
"Living with diabetes every day myself and having cared for my mom, who also had diabetes, in Jamaica, makes me patient and caring with my mentees. I always encourage my mentees to try new options to control their blood sugar and to think positively."
Kim A.
Mentor Adviser
Tanya M.
"One of my mentees recently told me that having someone to talk to and explore goals with that understood what she was going through helped her out a lot. She reduced her A1c from 9.4 to 7.7. It is a very rewarding experience knowing that you made an impact in someone else's life."  
Tanya M.
Peer Mentor
Bernadine C.L.
"When I first joined the program, I was excited. I saw it as an opportunity to help others and to also help myself. In learning to present to my mentees, I learned so much more about my disease and how it was affecting me and even more importantly what I could do to better manage my condition. I have been excited to share all that I have learned with my mentees and to learn from them as well."
Bernadine C.L.
Peer Mentor
Anne M.
"Managing my diabetes was an uphill battle for many years for me until I learned to eat 'in moderation' and to check my blood sugar regularly, even when I don't like to. I understand the struggles that my mentees are going through and I share my experience, strength and hope with them. As a mentor, I always "practice what I preach" and because of that my HbA1C has dropped to 5.3 and my mentees have lowered their A1cs as well."
Anne M.
Peer Mentor

Our Staff

We believe zip codes need not define health outcomes. We are
activating peer mentoring as the solution to create a more effective,
more efficient, and, more equitable health system.

Adria Dewit
Akshay Patel
Alexandra Toomoth
Anna Taylor Livingston, RD
Ashwin Patel, MD PhD
Barbara Ruth
Bernice Jones-Brooks
Brijesh Patel
Charisse Marroquin, MPH
Donald Shade
Eileen Resurreccion
Elizabeth Renee McClanahan
Franchesca Talbot, MS, MPH
Gloria Novarro Logan
Jennifer Taladay
Jessica Askew
Kalpana Mehta
Katherine Kolmer
Kellie Walker
Kerry Winters
Lacey Hurst
Leslie Garcia -Rangel
Lilly Gibilterra
Luis Martinez
Lynne Armstead, DHEd, MPH
Mabelle Japson
Monica Johnson
Natasha Ford
Neil Cameron
Nikee Patel
Noel Johnson
Ridhima Sharma, MPH
Samantha Heinrich, MHL, CPH, AE-C
Sarada Bernstein, MPH, RD
Sarah Moseley, MTS
Shaun Persaud, MPH
Tiffany Guiterrez
Vanessa Perez, RD
Whitney Merkle, MPH
Yogesh Patel

Our Advisers

Our advisers guide and support us. They remind us to do well by doing
good. They push us to aim higher.

Andrey Ostrovsky, MD
Brad Farber
Clay Lifflander
Jim Foy
Urvashi Patel, PhD

Our Academic Experts

We collaborate with these leading clinicians and researchers from
across the country to develop new programs, run robust research
initiatives, and evaluate our clinical outcomes.

Edwin Fisher, PhD
Jane Garbutt, MD
Joel Zonszein, MD CDE
Judith Long, MD
Late Bob Strunk, MD
Paula Trief, PHD

Our Journey

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4 NIH SBIR Awards
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