The Problem

Health plans and health systems share a common enemy: low patient engagement.

Limited patient reach
The highest need patients are hardly reached
Low patient activation
Reached patients still struggle
Worsening equity
Underserved patients struggle more
Poor health outcomes
Lowers quality scores and increases costs

Our Value

Our high engagement is driven by our Peers.

We match our empathetic team of community health workers (CHWs) based on attributes shared with the patients they serve — same chronic condition, cultural background, geography, age group, gender, personality, and similar lived experiences dealing with SDoH challenges, and more.

This shared empathy translates into deeper, longer, more impactful engagement:
participant rate
minutes of engagement

We help our partners achieve great outcomes for their toughest patients.

Amanda Parsons Montefiore Health System

“Mentors help patients prioritize and care for their health. InquisitHealth facilitates and scales peer-to-peer contributions while enhancing a health system's clinical footprint in our communities.”

Vanessa Guzman, MS, ME

Former AVP Quality Improvement, Montefiore Health System

Program Results:

1.7 point HbA1c drop

Kelly Damron, MSW National Kidney Foundation

“They helped us maintain and expand a personalized approach for our members, while providing our staff with real-time data and insights to better manage our program.”

Kelly Damron, MSW

VP, Patient Engagement, National Kidney Foundation

Program Results:

10+ point Points PAM score

Louise Q. 1199SEIU

“I learned how to ask better questions. My mentor told me to write down the questions I had ahead of time. Being prepared helped me have a much better appointment.”

Louise Q.

1199SEIU Member, Participant

Program Results:

10 point systolic BP drop

Our Solution

Our peer mentoring platform unlocks long term behavior change to produce measurable health outcomes.


We identify the barriers to better health for each patient.

Whether "high risk" or "hardly reached," we proactively outreach and engage patients to understand the underlying multifactorial drivers for their poor health.


Patients are matched with peers for personal guidance & support.

Peers are empowered with training and technology to coach patients 1-on-1 who are matched with them based on shared clinical, demographic, and cultural backgrounds.

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Our evidence-based programs are built for the real world.

Based on successful randomized clinical trials conducted at UCSF, UPenn, UMichigan, and Wash U, our programs are adapted, tested, and effective in the real world.

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Mentors + Technology

Empathy at Scale

Our dedicated workforce + technology platform combine to power meaningful relationships and positive outcomes for your at-risk patient population.



Distributed, dedicated workforce of trained Peers

  • Empathy through lived experience
  • Trained to engage and activate patients
  • Valuable extension of your team


Platform to manage and deploy human interventions at scale

  • Harness power of distributed workforce
  • Deliver personalized programs 1-on-1
  • Optimize pathway to drive outcomes

Better health happens when social determinants and behavior change are addressed, together.

our journey

Funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to build training and technology to scale evidence-based peer mentoring and support protocols.
Enterprise clients utilizing InquisitHealth’s tech-enabled programs to improve the health of their high-risk, high-cost patients.
Conditions supported through Peers and a shared framework of best practices optimized to deliver tangible results.

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