Personalized Peer Support. At Scale.

The keys to leveraging population-driven, population health improvements are:

Work out

Trained peer mentors

Every InquisitHealth mentor goes through Peer Mentor University™ to acquire disease-specific knowledge, coaching skills and the tools to inspire behavior change and address the underlying social- and behavioral- determinants of health (SBDoH).

Advanced matching

Our hand-picked mentors, who speak 12+ languages and represent 19+ ethnicities, are matched with patients based on clinical factors, demographics, personality, life histories and shared challenges.

Evidence-based programs

Our disease-specific programs are based on randomized clinical trials and validated with real-world data through thousands of daily mentor-mentee interactions.

HIPAA-compliant platform

Through Mentor1to1™, our HIPAA-compliant technology platform, InquisitHealth offers the only fully scalable, and fully managed, peer mentoring solution.

Fully-Managed Programs









Sickle Cell

Sickle Cell



Our Impact +


Our tech-enabled peer mentoring solutions are deployed with a growing list of partners and patient populations.

$2.4+ M

Funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH)


Enterprise clients, including hospitals, health plans, pharma and patient foundations!


Diseases supported — diabetes, asthma, kidney disease, and more.

Impact on Many Levels

Client Outcomes


“From the moment we saw InquisitHealth’s technology we were impressed. Utilizing InquisitHealth’s platform allowed us to not only successfully expand our program but also supported its sustainability over time. In addition, the matching technology allowed us to maintain a personalized experience for our users and allowed our staff to better manage the program with real-time data and insights into peer matches.”

Kelly Collins

Vice President, Patient Engagement, National Kidney Foundation


"He never really got advice on how to manage his diabetes. His HbA1c was over 11. He was in the hospital with 800 blood sugars. When his average blood sugars went down and his A1c came down to 6.5, I knew the program was working. He has six grandchildren. Now he feels that he is in good health -- that he can live life without complications and see them grow up.”
“My HbA1c level reduced from 12 to 6.7 -- I learned a lot from this program. For example, I learned how to ask my doctor good questions. I also learned what, when, and how to eat. My mentor helped me learn to read nutrition labels.”
"Having gone through the program and having diabetes, you have a common ground. It's not just someone from the doctor's office calling to see how you're doing or calling to tell you that you should do. It's like, 'I understand what you're going through.' It's helping them find something that will work for them."
"This program is beneficial to the mentees and the mentors. I have learned a lot!"
"I joined the peer mentor program because I wanted to share what I learned 'the hard way.'  What seems like a monumental task can actually become easy, especially with a partner who cares -- someone who can help you to make the changes that you want to make."

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