From logistics to analytics. We’ve got it covered.

Traditional peer support programs require resource-intensive, manual outreach, onboarding, training, matching, management, and reporting. Every step is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to scale.

We combine a trained workforce of peer mentors, evidence-based programs, and a HIPAA-compliant technology platform to improve outcomes for patients struggling to manage their chronic conditions.

We manage the entire process from logistics to analytics. And you get significant improvements in outcomes and savings in cost.

Your Process

Start seeing measurable improvements in your patients in just 3 simple steps

Give us your highest risk, highest cost patients.
We outreach, engage, and mentor these patients.
You get better outcomes and substantial cost savings.

Continuous collaboration and total transparency

We serve as an extension of your team.

We track all touch points and outcomes for each patient — and every month, we send detailed individualized and aggregate reports to you. In each report, you can see which patients contributed to aggregate data points — so you’ll always have the data you need to use and build on our analyses.

In addition, we partner with your member assistance programs and disease management efforts to:

  • Help connect patients with your programs and resources to improve results
  • Address patient issues that go beyond the scope of mentoring (e.g., mental health concerns causing stress, financial constraints causing Rx difficulty, etc.). We help you, the patient and their physician coordinate until the issue is resolved.

Our Process

We work behind the scenes to make the entire program turnkey for you.

  • We assess your patient population

    We identify your highest-risk, highest-cost patients by analyzing claims, medical records, pharmacy and lab data.

  • We reach out to patients who need help

    We proactively reach out to patients with poorly-controlled conditions through a coordinated multi-channel outreach. We use a combination of emails, letters, phone calls, in-person visits and even IVR to reach each patient. We can even integrate into your existing patient portal and reach out to patients in their native tongue (Spanish, Russian, and more).

  • We pinpoint the individual needs of each patient

    To understand and address the underlying drivers of each patient’s unique challenges, we assess social determinants, gaps in knowledge, access to technology, demographic and clinical data.

  • We match patients to their best-fit mentors

    Each struggling patient is matched with a mentor who’s a lot like them, from their condition to their age, ethnicity, language, personality, medication types, comorbidities, availability, challenges, demographics and more. Similarities create relevance and trust — which improve engagement and results.

    By default, we bring our pre-trained mentors to you. Optionally, we can recruit and train mentors from your population.

  • We help each patient overcome their unique challenges

    Each patient’s program is customized to address their individual obstacles, goals, and needs. Through regular engagement, education, accountability, and support, each patient works to implement their doctor’s/nurse’s recommendations by setting self-management goals.

  • We help patients sustain their results

    Long-term results require long-term support. We continue to track results, follow up with patients and provide educational content long after the formal mentorship period has ended.

Find out how peer mentors can drive better outcomes for your patients.