The power of a shared technology infrastructure

Our platform facilitates collaboration to allow for seamless, coordinated mentoring.

Powerful web and mobile platforms for mentors

Powerful web and mobile platforms for mentors

Web platform and reporting for multiple administrators

Web platform and reporting for multiple administrators

Mobile app for patients (optional)

Mobile app for patients (optional)


Structured and personalized mentoring seemlessly delivered 1-on-1

Integrated tools, training, and support allow a distributed network of peer mentors to engage and guide each patient towards better health outcomes.

Multiple communication channels
Phone calls, chats, educational videos, bot-delivered lessons, printed guidance materials, and more…
Powerful mentoring tools
Goals management, auto-documentation, device and lab data tracking, customized talking points, and more…
Ongoing training and guidance
Integrated training before calls, regular webinars, interactive tutorials, and mock patient experiences.
Supportive mentor community
24/7 access to a private online community for peer mentors to support and guide each other.
Feature Feature Feature Feature

Same platform, multiple conditions

Patients with different chronic illnesses have different needs, but the optimal approach to supporting them remains the same. Our platform is built on this shared approach, allowing for sharing of best practices across multiple conditions.


Smartphone app (or just a landline) for patients to participate

Each patient decides how we communicate with them. Even a smartphone is optional. Our approach is powered by tech, not dependent on it.

Feature Feature Feature Feature
Phone calls
Two 1-way calls are generated and bridged to avoid sharing of personal contact information
Smartphone app (optional)
Secure texting, microlearning content, self-tracking of goals, and access to a broader community of peers.
Paper-based outreach
​​Automated delivery of conversation guides, dietary feedback from a nutritionist, and more…
Connected devices
Integrated cellular or bluetooth weight scale, blood pressure cuff, or glucometer — based on program.


Coordinate, customize and track all key aspects of program delivery for your patient population

All mentoring is orchestrated through a shared platform, allowing for full oversight, HIPAA compliance, and fidelity tracking to ensure clinical efficacy.

Program personalization
Platform facilitates combining patient preferences and clinical need to create a custom pathway for each patient.
Finding the right mentor
Matching tool helps find the ideal mentor for each patient to maximize ‘shared empathy’ and efficacy.
Optimal operating procedures
​​System data triggers carefully designed processes to guide staff to efficiently and proactively address issues.
Escalations and handoffs
The platform equips our team to identify, track, and address S+BDoH and facilitate handoffs or referrals as pertinent.


Actionable, insighful reports

Our platform provides detailed, aggregated population insights tied to individual-level data to allow for custom reporting and analysis.


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