Better Outcomes Reliably and Simply

Mentor1to1™ was built with funding from the NIH and based on peer-reviewed research, insight, and guidance from experts at the University of California San Francisco, the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan.

The result – a powerful, intuitive platform that transforms academic insights into clinical practice — at scale. InquisitHealth’s operations specialists and peer mentors share a single platform — but they each have personalized panels to maximize efficiency and minimize complexity.

The Admin Panel

What our operations specialists see

The Admin Panel, What our operations specialists see

The Admin Panel allows us to manage every aspect of the program:

  • Mentor-patient matching
  • Management of peer mentors
  • Escalation and resolution of social determinants
  • Tracking individual and aggregate stats
  • Optimize patient outcomes with each engagement
  • Proactive patient interventions, as needed
  • Track and collate lab data, self-reports and data from connected devices.
  • Continuous optimization of each patient’s program

The Mentor Panel

What our mentors see

The Mentor Panel, What our mentors see

The Mentor Panel allows peer mentors to:

  • Manage patient-related information & workflows
  • View insights and data to tailor the mentoring journey for each patient
  • Schedule and make phone calls without exchange of personal contact information
  • Send messages securely
  • Track clinical information, notes and goals
  • Share targeted guidance and support to help patients achieve action-oriented goals
  • Complete 10+ hours of training, covering both condition-specific knowledge and mentoring best practices
  • Take ongoing knowledge quizzes to keep content fresh
  • Engage with fellow mentors in a group chat

All mentoring takes place via the Mentor1to1™ platform, and all activity is overseen by our operations specialists.

Tech-Driven, Yet Tech-Optional

Our platform is powered by tech, not dependent on it.

None of our programs require you to navigate new software or tools. No barriers to supporting your patients.

Patients also just need a basic phone to participate and see results.

What Your Patients See

The PeerMentor™ app allows patients with smartphones to securely and conveniently check-in with their mentors between calls. For patients without smartphones, communication is equally effective — it just happens via flip phone or landline.

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The PeerMentor™ smartphone app allows patients to:

  • Exchange messages with their mentor securely
  • Engage with fellow patients in a group chat
  • Set and track self-management goals
  • View, set and modify scheduled calls
  • View educational videos and complete knowledge-focused activities

What You See

You get the insights you need, both individual-level patient results as well as population-based insights. We share with you this actionable data and helpful analyses — all through intuitive, easy-to-understand reports.

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Our platform facilitates:

  • Individualized and aggregate reports, to help you effectively utilize the population and patient data we generate
  • Continuous improvement and optimization of our program, informed by regular meetings with you and your team
  • Partnership with your member assistance programs and disease management efforts, enabling us to escalate issues and work with you to help resolve them

Find out how peer mentors can drive better outcomes for your patients.