Training is at the very heart of our programs. Mentors are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help inspire behavior change.

Peer Mentor University

InquisitHealth has created Peer Mentor University™, an online learning environment dedicated to training and certifying peer mentors, in collaboration with academic experts from elite universities in the United States. Peer Mentor University hosts over 10 hours of online training, ranging in topics from peer-focused approach (e.g., motivational interviewing) to condition-specific topics (e.g., healthy eating). Each program has a unique learning track consisting of a series of self-directed, interactive training modules which includes a variety of learning media, including: videos, role-playing interactive voice response, choose your own path scenarios, and real-time practice sessions with professional coaches.

1-to-1 Mentors are required to attend one monthly group conference call per month, where participants learn insights from each other, practice in a group-based setting, and/or learn about particular topics from experts.

Mentors also receive 'mystery mentee' phone calls from the InquisitHealth training staff where they are challenged with different scenarios. These calls are then reviewed with an expert and individual feedback is provided.