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UCI, Montefiore and Novo Nordisk – Connecting the Hispanic Community to the Diabetes Care They Need

Dennis O'Leary, DTC
August 15, 2015

Next are the diabetics (A1C score= 6.5 and 8.9%). These patients were given almost the same treatment as the pre-diabetics, but they were also provided with a chronic condition management course at Montefiore Hospital and free glucose test meters provided by Bayer.Lastly, our third group consisted of patients who had uncontrolled diabetes (A1C score=> 9). These individuals received the chronic condition management course at Montefiore Hospital, free meters and testing supplies from Bayer, nutritional products from Nestle, and they were assigned a peer mentor who provided healthy coaching advice in relation to their condition.

The three groups were monitored over a six month period, and then brought in for testing. Although we have yet to learn the results of this collaboration, which will be revealed in a white paper developed by Montefiore and Inquisit Health, what’s unique was the ability to bring together ten different organizations, each with the common goal of educating Hispanic diabetics and their families on how to make lasting changes that will help them live healthier lives.

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