Peer-to-Peer Support

InquisitHealth believes in the power of peer-to-peer support. Yet, we realize that running and growing such programs can be extremely resource intensive. We have developed a technology platform to solve this exact problem.


  1. Time Consuming and Resource Intensive. Staff manually enter, and keep track of peer supporters, peer, and match information. Staff call and send multiple e-mails to confirm availability, exchange contact information, and track down surveys…. for each connection!
  2. Limited Privacy. Requires sharing of contact information, manually creating a bridge line, or training peer supporters to block their phone numbers. None are great options.
  3. Limited Call Data. After a match is made, then what? Did a call happen? How long did it last? Did they talk again? Tough to know, leading to difficult and cumbersome reporting that likely doesn’t show the true value that peer support is actually providing!


  1. Matching Criteria Customization: Define a customizable set of demographic and clinical filters important for making the best peer-to-peer match for your population.
  2. Customized Branding: Brand the platform and all outgoing e-mails with your logo.
  3. Manage Peer Supporters: You invite peer supporters to join through the platform. The platform e-mails the peer supporters, guides him/her to share all of the information important for matching them, and reviews with them important HIPAA guidelines.
  4. Smart Matching: You speak with the peer interested in support, enter their information into the platform, and the platform helps you make the best match(es)!
  5. Match Confirmation: System e-mails the matched peer supporter. If the peer supporter is available and interested, system confirms the match with the peer. If not available, system reaches out to the next chosen peer supporter automatically, while keeping you in the loop.
  6. 1-to-1 Phone-Based Connections: Platform generates a secure toll-free number for each peer-to-peer match, requiring no direct exchange of contact information.
  7. Call Status and Ongoing Relationships: After each call, platform uses multiple channels (interactive voice response, text message, and e-mail) to determine call status and determine if the peer supporter will be calling again.
  8. Tailored Surveys: If the peer and peer supporter will speak again, the system keeps the phone connection active. If the relationship is complete, surveys are sent out automatically.
  9. Reporting and Analytics: Tracking of all matches, calls dates/times, and call lengths.
  1. We do not use the word “Peer Supporter” to describe our volunteers, can you customize that?
    Yes. We can customize based on the terminology you use.

  2. We do a lot of in-person support, do you support that?
    Not yet. But if this is an important component of your peer support program, let’s talk.

  3. Do you integrate with an existing CRM, SalesForce, etc?
    We can build custom integrations with your favorite CRM.

  4. Can you import our existing peer supporters list, or do we enter everyone in manually?
    Entering peer supporters into the platform requires just a few pieces of information for each supporter. But if you have a large list, we can automate this process for you.

We just completed a 6-month pilot program with the Care Management Organization of Montefiore Medical Center.

- 30 patients, 40% Hispanic
- Initial HbA1c 10.6
- 1.3 point reduction in HbA1c

Let us know if you'd like to read the full case study.