Community Health Center Inc.

The Path Forward, A Digital Transformation in Social Determinants of Health: Isolation & Loneliness

October 1, 2021

Event date: Thursday, Oct 8 from 1:30-3:00 PM


– The audience consists mainly of Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) leadership, medical, nursing, dental and BH providers, as well as others from school-based health centers, hospitals, private practices, and government entities.


Yvette Highsmith–Francis, MBM; Vice President, Eastern Region, CHC Inc. 


Content Expert 

Andrew Parker, Founder & CEO of Papa 

Ashwin Patel, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder of InquisitHealth

Cindy Jordan, Founder & CEO; Rachael Jacobson, VP Business Development from Pyx


Webinar Technology Support:

Steph Korman, Weitzman Institute 

Karen Ashley, Weitzman Institute (backup)

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